January 2021

Prognostic value of a bilateral motor threshold criterion for facial corticobulbar MEP monitoring during cerebellopontine angle tumor resection

Tobias Greve1 ・ Liang Wang2 ・ Niklas Thon1 ・ Christian Schichor1 ・ Joerg‑Christian Tonn1 ・ Andrea Szelenyi1

This article shows in a retrospective study that bilateral motor threshold criteria for facial muscle corticobulbar  MEPs better predict towards postoperative facial nerve function than ipsilateral motor threshold direct postoperatively and after 7 days. After 3 month it was equally sensitive and specific compared to ipsilateral absolute motor threshold increase. Bilateral prospective studies are needed, also for real-time information and guidance during surgery. Another statement in this article was that amplitude decrement >50% should not be used as a sole warning criterion for facials muscle corticalbulbar MEPs due to its low prognostic power. This was in line with previous studies for extremity mMEPs.

Gea Drost

M.D. Neurologist

Secretary of the ISIN

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