Emine Taşkıran found out the ISIN Advanced Travel Grant was available during a training in University Hospital of Bellvitge last year. Dr. Isabel Fernandez-Conejero mentioned this advanced travel grant and she encouraged us to an application.

‘’My motivation to write an application for ISIN Advanced Travel Grant was first that this grant would be an opportunity that to learn the intricacies of my profession, thus, to do best my job. I have been planning to establish an international network with this beginning. I have planned my training for 6 months as 2 months in each center.’’

The hospitals that Emine Taşkıran wants to visit:

  • Inselspital University Hospital Bern, Switzerland.
  • Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, Germany
  • University Hospital of Bellvitge, Barcelona Spain

‘’ This grant would provide me an opportunity for opening a road in order to make all my dreams real. My expectations are to learn the intricacies of my profession, to develop my skills on intraoperative neuromonitoring, to start new projects by linking the best researchers and their groups, to strengthen research and innovation capacity of my university. I believe that I would have opportunities for building lasting networks, emerging collaborations with this grant. New networks, collaboration with the best centers, the skills and knowledge I gained would lead to turn my center to a pioneer center in neuromonitoring.

I would like to thank this organizing committee for giving me this opportunity that will open a door to establish research groups and networks eliciting the transfer of knowledge and skills to develop the research capacity of my university with collaboration and reciprocal visits in the future.’’