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I.     Name and Place of Residence of the Association

Article 1

The Association is named International Society of Intraoperative Neurophysiology, and it is domiciled in Groningen. The Association will be governed by the laws of The Netherlands.

Article 2

The association year coincides with the calendar year, and the financial year of the Association thus runs from 1 January up to and including 31 December.

II.    Objects and Means of the Association

Article 3

The objects of the association are to pursue the international advancement of excellence in intra- and perioperative neurophysiology, to advance standards of care for patients undergoing surgical procedures associated with risk of neurological injury and to advance standards of education for professionals involved in intraoperative neurophysiology

Article 4

The Association strives to attain the objects listed in Article 3 by:
a. Providing education in intraoperative Neurophysiologic educational and scientific events;
b. Promoting research related to intraoperative Neurophysiology;
c. Representing intra – and perioperative Neurophysiology around the world,

The ISIN and its representatives will act and decide with utmost respect for human rights, scientific integrity and independence, as well as independence from outside financial interests.
The ISIN shall be a non-profit international multidisciplinary independent scientific society.