Olga Herasymenko found out about ISIN Advanced Travel Grant on the official ISIN website last summer when she registered for her first training cycle of the program (ISIN 2018 educational course) in Madrid, Spain.

‘’ Well, I have a lot of reasons for participation in this project. Here are a few. Firstly, as most of doctors who work in the direction of IOM not very long time and do not have specialized postgraduate education in IOM (I am a doctor neurosurgeon) it is difficult. Secondly, while using all the additional opportunities and efforts that I could afford, the lack of competence remains. Thirdly, I consider if you are doctor, you should learn lifelong. I am planning to start this trip to the world of new knowledge and skills at the end of May 2019 and to complete it before the next training cycle of the program ISIN 2019 Vienna-Austria from October 28 – November 2, 2019. ‘’

The hospitals that Olga Herasymenko wants to visit:

  • the University of California, San Francisco, USA.
  • Mount Sinai West Hospital, New York, USA.
  • Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA.
  • Inselspital University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland.
  • University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands.

‘’ I will try to make the most productive plan of movement, as time is limited. I expect to see the amazing work of expert specialists in the direction of IOM in difficult cases using different modalities. I hope to make up for my gaps in practical skills, find answers for my questions that I have just now and questions that will definitely rise when I will be in clinics. Improve my professional knowledge and upgrade skills, thereafter to my new experience. Receive varied experience in development of the structure of IOM in the neurosurgical department of health care system. I will choose the most rational monitoring protocol and after that it will be implemented in my country. Also, I would be happy to improve my English language skills, become acquainted with new wonderful people and make new friends for further exchange of information in the direction of IOM and not only….. I am delighted! ‘’